Bespoke process

Why not be involved in the design and manufacture of your jewellery?

At Jacob’s Gems, you are not limited purely to what is on offer. As a manufacturer and supplier of loose diamonds, coloured stones and settings, we are in a unique position to be able to offer a truly bespoke service.

The bespoke option can be as simple as changing a coloured stone or metal choice, through to commissioning your very own unique design.

Our in-house design experts have over 25 years experience in the trade and are familiar with all the varied and different processes involved in jewellery manufacture.

At Jacob’s Gems, our fully qualified team will guide you through the process to your finished piece, which you will be able to claim is your very own design.

So, how does it work?

You may have seen something in our shop that you simply want but with a different stone or metal.
You should then contact us, either by phone or email and tell us what you want and we will gladly change it.

Alternatively, you may have a drawing or a picture of an item of jewellery you want us to make. Email or send it to us with your contact details to start the process.

We will produce a hand drawn design that works from a manufacturing perspective for you to either approve or alter. Once we have your approval, we will have a better idea of the manufacturing process required to produce your jewellery. (A 30%, non-refundable deposit is required before we can start work which covers manufacturing costs lost in the unlikely event you should cancel the order).

We may be able to make your jewellery using pre-cast parts, or transpose the design onto a CAD (computer aided design) system which produces a wax model of your item from which we can cast in the metal of your choice.

Some designs require the careful labour of a master craftsman who will completely hand-make your jewellery to the finest standards the trade has to offer.

Which ever method we use, your jewellery will be finished to the highest standard and be totally unique to you. Speak to us today to see how Jacob’s Gems can help make the jewellery you truly desire.

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